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Coin catalog Nijmegen (Netherlands)



A warm welcome on the website about all coins that have been produced in the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). During a long period there were 2 competitive minthouses working:

  • The urban minthouse of the city of Nijmegen
  • The minthouse of the duchy of Guelders (Hertogdom Gelderland)

    munt catalogus Nijmegen

    On this website you will find an inventarisation per type.

    Much more information (backgroundstories, die-varieties and auctionresults of last 10 year) can be found in the 241 pages Coin Catalog Nijmegen.

    This catalog is in Dutch language.

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    BUY NOW from the writer. Price € 34,50 plus € 6 for shipment.

    I am a collector of the coins and medals that were made in Nijmegen. If you have a collection for sale, or if you have a rare coin of museum-quality from Nijmegen, I am very interested inbuying that coin from you.

    Paul van der Zee

    email: paul @